EasyRaceLapTimer new additional mobile app and MultiGP support

December 7th, 2016

PocketEdition Competition

We got some nice news for all PocketEdition users out there. At present, we're finishing the work on a new mobile app called "PocketEdition Competition". (Of course, it supports iOS and Android)

With this app, you can connect up to 4 PocketEditions to one virtual unit. Define for each box the channel it should track and you're ready to go. The application will cicle through the PocketEditions and will read the tracked lap timings. A clean and simple solution for lap time based racing events.

MultiGP Support

There's something more to accounce. MultiGP, especially their software, LapSync will support the PocketEdition and the RaceBox. Yes, that's right. Both devices will have MultiGP support!

In the PocketEdition Competition app, we will integrate a small export function which will generate an email for you with two attachments. One is for FPV-SPORTS.IO and the other one is for MultiGP LapSync. You can import these files into the corresponding software and you're ready to go.

Regarding the RaceBox: LapSync will support the RaceBox . This means, you can use LapSync and the RaceBox together!

Here are two screenshots of the current state of the mobile app: