Micro MinimOSD Setup-Guide – Teil 1

November 25th, 2016

The Micro MinimOSD is the perfect OSD for your racing quad. It’s tiny in it’s size with just 16×16 mm but gives you a lot of possibilities. Here’s just a short overview of the features, which we are using:

  • LiPo voltage monitoring
  • display callsign
  • virtual horizon
    *PID-Tuning via the OSD menu (available on MultiWii firmwares like Cleanflight)

The firmware you should use is MW OSD. The current release is 1.4.1 – 15/06/2015, but we are using the current master version because it’s possible to monitor the voltage of 3S and 4S LiPos without changing the config. In later releases this feature should be already implemented in the firmware.

By the way, you can use MW OSD although your flight controller software is not a Cleanflight or another MultiWII clone. In this case you can still use the LiPo voltage monitoring the callsign feature.

Preparations for the Micro MinimOSD

To use the Micro MinimOSD, you have to own a FTDI-Programmer (*). With this programmer, it’s rather easy to get your OSD working. Download the OSD firmware MW OSD and the Arduino Software.

Installing the firmware

Step 1

Connect the OSD with your FTDI Programmierer

Step 2

Start the Arduino IDE

Step 3

Open the file „MW_OSD.ino“ in MW_OSD folder of the downloaded OSD firmware.

Step 4

Configure the MW OSD Firmware. Open the tab „config.h“ and change the settingsMW_OSD___Arduino_1_6_5

In this file, there are 2 important options to get your Micro MinimOSD working with Cleanflight.

The first option you have to uncomment is #define WITESPYV1. This option tells the firmware which hardware you are using: the Micro MinimOSD.

The second is #define CLEANFLIGHT . It tells the firmware that your are using Cleanflight as your flight controller software.

There is another important option: #define EEPROM_CLEAR. If you activate this option, the EEPROM of your OSD will gets cleared after each power up. Activate this option when flashing the OSD for the first time. but disable it again and reflash or all your GUI-made-settings will get lost after each power up.

Step 5

Before flashing the firmware, be sure your Arduino IDE has as selected board: „Board > Arduino Pro or Pro Mini 5V, 16MHz, w/ ATmega328“. And be sure to select the proper com port.

PIN wiring

Connect the pins of your OSD with your FC like in the diagrams above.


To configure the OSD, use the MWOSD gui which you find in the MWOSD package. Please be sure, that you java installed because the GUI needs it to be run.