Tiny Boy Mini Fabrikator 3D Printer – First Steps

December 1st, 2016

Tiny Boy Mini Fabrikator 3D Printer

Update 2015-08-15: We published a small video review for the printer!

Yesterday we got the EU version of the Mini Fabrikator 3D Printer by Tiny Boy. We setup the printer according to the manual, but it did not work as expected. We had an issue with the PLA filament we ordered from HK and the nozzle was not close enough to the printing platform. About 13 hours later of printing tests, we found the issues and fixed them.

Tiny Boy Mini Fabrikator 3D Printer - Nozze & Platform

PLA filament problems
We ordered the ESUN 3D Printer Filament Pink 1.75mm PLA 0.5KG Spool from HK to use it with the printer. We archieved the best printing results with a temperature of 210 °C instead of the 190° according to the printers manual. Well, every filament is different so it’s not a fault of the manual.

We also had to change the printing speed to 60%. Maybe more speed will work with different filaments but with our roll, we got the best results with 60%.

Tiny Boy Mini Fabrikator 3D Printer - Fabrikator Mini Speed Settings

CURA slicing engine settings

Here you can download the CURA slicing engine settings for the Fabrikator Mini 3D-Printer:

Download CURA slicing engine settings - Fabrikator 3D-Mini

The settings file for the ESUN 1.75mm filament are also included in the file. Have fun with it. If you find some improvements, please don’t hesitate and write a comment!

Tiny Boy Mini Fabrikator 3D Printer - printing result

Stuck fillament in the nozzle

Sometimes, the fillament can be stuck in the nozzle. Either it doesn’t pass through when you load the printer with fillament or there was some heating problems (didn’t had this yet). In both cases, move the printing head to the X axis middle and max Y axis value. You can open the screw of the printing head, so that you can push the fillament into the tiny fillament hole in the head.