EasyRaceLapTimer PocketEdition features now FPV-SPORTS.IO

November 25th, 2016

Saarbrücken, Germany

It’s rainy. The weather sucks for all people who wanna go outside to fly FPV. We all want to do it, but sadly it’s not possible here at present. So, it was the perfect time to chain our head of development, Alexander, at the chair so that he can finish the FPV-Sports.io integration for the EasyRaceLapTimer PocketEdition mobile app. You know what? It worked! Yesterday, the first beta version of new the mobile app got published in the beta channels of the Android PlayStore and the Apple AppStore.

Finally, you can race against your friends or against other people all around the world using the PocketEdition mobile app and FPV-Sports.io.

A moment during the development of the fpv-sports.io integration

A lot of people were already using the new fpv-sports.io feature since yesterday. We are checking logs and listening to feedback. As soon as we are sure that the servers are stable and all critical bugs were found in the beta version, we will release the mobile app to the public. If you want be part of the beta, no problem. Just check out the beta channel on the Android PlayStore. iOS users who participated already in the earlier iOS BETA got their invitation already. In case, you didn’t get an invitation just write us an email and we will add you.

Lots of people requested the speed measurement to be back in the mobile app and guess what? It’s back! It’s in the current BETA and will get released to the public with the FPV-SPORTS.IO feature.

There is one more thing, which is very important to us. It’s a thing called privacy. The mobile app doesn’t track anything from you guys. We don’t save any GPS data or other stuff which could be abused to harm you in any way. The mobile app will only upload the timing data to a race if you tell the app to upload the data. Nothing will happen by magic. The connection to the FPV-SPORTS.IO server is also SSL encrypted. So, you are save to use the new feature.

If you don’t own a PocketEdition yet and you want to buy a box. Use this coupon code: FPVSPORTSIO to get a 5% discount. You can use this code also for all other products in our shop. The coupon can be used one time and is valid until 18. November 2016.

Last but not least, I (Alex), wanna thank three guys especially: Nick P., Nick I. and Markus B. You guys rock, without your support and suggestions all the time, this wouldn’t be possible.

Let’s race people!